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I have been a self taught artist for well over 30 years. Aside from art classes offered during my high school years; I also worked as a commercial artist for seven years. Creating logo designs, advertisement and illistrations for area businesses.

I enjoyed doing that at the time, but I LOVE what I do now. I get to combine my love of Art with my love of bulldogs. What more can you ask for!? Their gorgeous faces and eyes make for a wonderful subject matter.

The media's I have focused on in the last few years have been Oils, Colored Pastel Pencil and Watercolor....although I always love trying new things!

My family has had bulldogs since 1994, and I have been exhibiting since 1996. I am also a member and officer of the Western Michigan Bulldog Club, Bulldog Club of America and Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network. With that background, I guess it was pretty obvious what my subject matter would be.

In 2002, I was honored to be asked to be the Artist for the Bulldog Club of America's National Gallery, and have been doing it ever since and will continue as long as they will have is a great honor!

Several pieces on my website are of Champion Bulldogs from all over the United States as well as puppies of my own. They are commissioned pieces and are not for sale. Please contact me if you would like to have one of your own done. I work from photographs; typically several different photos to get the image just right.

Enjoy! And thanks for visiting!